Are Cockroaches Crawling Around Your Property?

We offer cockroach treatment services in Bakersfield, Shafter & Arvin, CA

There are few things worse than finding cockroaches in your home. It seems like they're everywhere and you can't kill them fast enough. But Barton's Pest Service can put an end to your roach infestation in Bakersfield, Shafter or Arvin, CA. Call us today to schedule cockroach treatment services.

We also offer commercial cockroach treatment options. Contact us to learn more.

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Choose us for thorough treatment

Barton's Pest Service has the secret to a cockroach-free property-thorough cockroach treatment services. Make an appointment today. We will:

  • Inspect your property
  • Determine the source of the infestation
  • Suggest the best course of treatment
  • Spray and fumigate the area to eliminate the cockroaches
We'll follow up after the initial cockroach treatment to make sure that the roaches are gone for good. If they're not, don't panic-we'll spray one more time to get rid of the roach infestation completely. Start the process today. Make an appointment for cockroach treatment in Bakersfield, Shafter or Arvin, CA